Working in the SRTL

Network drives

Your course files are on the R: drive.

Practice navigating in the SRTL

The R: drive is the SRTL network drive that contains all the course material. You can see what is in the R: drive by double-clicking on the SRTL Data Files (R) icon located on the left-hand side of the computer screen. This opens a folder containing the following directories:

To continue to explore the SRTL, go to the Windows symbol on the bottom left. Left click on the symbol and hover the mouse over "All Programs" (or click on it once) to open a list of all programs available to you. Use the scroll bar to move up and down the list. Try launching a few programs.

Practice working in the SRTL

Create a directory within your R:\username-phda-## (or spph-###) folder for practice. Recall to get to this directory, double-click on the SRTL Data Files (R) icon on the left-hand side of the screen, then double click on your username-phda-## (or spph-###) folder. In R:\username-phda-## (or spph-###), create a folder called "Test". Do this by right clicking within the directory, moving the mouse down to select "New" then moving the mouse over to select "Folder". A new folder will appear with the words "New Folder" highlighted in blue. Type in "Test" in that space.

In the new Test directory, create a short WORD document (any text you like) and save it to this location. There are two ways to do this:

For keyboard or mouse issues, see Installing.html page.