Working in the SRE - Using the R drive folders

R: drive folders

The R: drive for unconverted accounts consists of the following folders:

You will need to scroll past other users' subfolders until you get to yours.

For converted folders, the R: networked drive is the group folder for the project, and contains as sub-folders the Data folder, user folders for the project, plus any folders you might create for sharing by your research group.


If you are taking a course offered by PopData the information or data for your course will be located here. Access to the Courses folder is for registered pupils only.


Once your DAR has been approved, all the necessary paperwork has been signed and PopData has completed your Data Extract, it will be uploaded to the Data folder.

R:Data\ProjectNumber\date – your data will be located in a folder under your project number and the date the data was uploaded to the SRE. The date is useful for future reference as project often receive subsequent data deliveries.

R:Data\ProjectNumber\date\DataFile  - In DataFile folders you will notice that your data will be in zipped format (*.gz) and will be read only. Please refer to the link “How do I Unzip SRE project files” if you require assistance unzipping your data.

R:Data\ProjectNumber\date\Docs – In the Docs folder  you will find important information such as your project specific Data Dictionary and other information about your data.

Access to the Data folder is restricted to project team members. You will only have access to the Data folders for your specific project. You cannot modify or create any files under R:Data.


This folder can be accessed by all members of your project team. Under Groups you will see a folder with your project number. It is suggested that when unzipping your data to run analysis that you save under your group folder instead of your personal folder for all analysis that you want to be accessible to all project team members.

Access to the Groups folder is by project number. All members of your project team will have read and write access to this folder. You will not have read and write access to the Group folder of any project for which you are not an approved member.


Please note that to share information, analysis, scripts with your project team you must save these files under your project number in the Groups folder.

You will only have access to the folder with your username. Access to the Users folder is by user only.


This folder can be used to export non-data files from the SRE. Please refer to the instructions on transfers in and out of the SRE.


This folder can be used to import  non-data files from the SRE. Please refer to the instructions on transfers in and out of the SRE.