Project closure

Researcher Liaison Unit (RLU) staff at Population Data BC (PopData) must be informed when a research project is complete, and access to the data is no longer required.

RLU staff will then provide the Researcher with project closure guidelines detailing the steps necessary to destroy and/or return all data to PopData, as stipulated in the Research Agreement.

Archival storage

As a part of project closure for projects housed on the Secure Research Environment (SRE), Data and working files for completed projects will automatically be archived on PopData secure servers for up to 7 years, as outlined in the DAR form and Research Agreement. Archival storage services are also available for closed/closing projects housed outside of the SRE, but this service requires application and transfer of data to PopData’s archival server, please contact the RLU for further information.

During the archival period, should extenuating circumstances require research results to be revisited, Researchers may request permission from Data Stewards to access the archived data. Requirements to access archived data include reactivating ethics, Data Steward approval and associated costs. Immediately following expiry of the archival period, PopData will destroy all copies of the data in its custody per established data destruction policies.

Project closure forms and documentation may be found in the Document and forms centre.