Data quality issues

Data or information directly related to the data cannot be removed from the SRE. If you encounter potential data quality issues or have questions about your data that require sharing information with PopData staff to aid in the discussion, please follow the process outlined below.  

Examples of information directly related to the data may include:

Please follow these steps to interact with PopData staff regarding data quality issues or questions:

  1. Create a new folder on the SRE in your project folder and label it “Data Quality Questions”,
  2. Move the file of interest into the Data Quality Questions folder and include either a read-me file or Word document that outlines the questions/concerns and Study IDs of interest.
  3. Send an email to the RLU with the subject line "Data Quality Questions" and your project # (e.g. Watson 01-001 Data Quality Questions). In the body of your email include the location of the Data Quality Questions folder on the SRE.
  4. RLU staff will then be able to review your questions and the relevant data file/subset/information directly inside of your SRE project folder without compromising privacy and security.

Reminder: For information on allowable transfers in and out of the SRE, please refer to