Administrative requirements for access

Assuming approvals are in place for the SRE, once the Data Stewards approve the project, there are a series of administrative steps that need to occur prior to receipt of data. These can be done while Population Data BC (PopData) performs the extracts.

What happens between Data Access Request (DAR) approval and SRE access?

  1. The Researcher signs the following documents:
    • Research Agreement(s), including Pledge of Confidentiality and YubiKey form
    • Population Data BC Services Agreement
    • Population Data BC Cost Quote
  2. PopData Data Access Request Unit (DAU) staff forward a package to all researchers who have been identified as requiring access to the SRE plus the Principal Investigator (PI). The package includes:
    • Username and temporary password for the my.popdata website
    • Instructions for the completion of our Privacy Training program
  3. Researchers, including the PI, successfully complete online Privacy Training program*
  4. Once all privacy training is complete, a YubiKey will be sent/ready for pick up and the DAU will authorize access to the team’s project specific folder.
  5. Once the approved data have been extracted, the DAU will place the data on the SRE in the project-specific folder.
  6. The Research team is notified of data availability.
  7. The Population Data BC invoice is issued approximately two weeks after data delivery.

* Please note, the PI for the research project must also successfully complete the online Privacy Training Program before any team members are given access to the SRE, regardless of whether the PI will be accessing the SRE or not.

External data

The DAU will handle coordination and necessary permissions for any external data, including researcher collected data desired.