Installing the VPN software - instructions for Windows users

The VPN software required for accessing the RTL is provided to students/researchers by Population Data BC through a site license held by Population Data BC. Each student/researcher requiring access to the RTL can download and install a copy of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, also known as AnyConnect.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts communications from your computer to ours, so data or passwords cannot be intercepted, and prevents unauthorized access attempts (Similar to HTTPS). You only need to install once; other times see Connecting to RTL.


Step 2

Open the downloaded file step 2 "anyconnect-win..." Note that you will need an account with Administrator privileges for installing.

Step 3

Click on [Next], and the Windows System will double-check that you really mean to install software.  Click [yes] after verifying that there is a “Verified Publisher”, and that in this case it’s Cisco. While there are no choices to be made, you can find detailed screenshots at

Step 4

Continue with the install process.

Step 5