Dataset BC Drug and Poison Information Centre

BC Drug and Poison Information Centre 
Data Provider (source):

BC Centre for Disease Control


Poison-information services to the BC public and health professionals. Includes call-specific data on accidental and suspected poisonings. The BC Drug and Poison Information Centre (DPIC) responds to two different types of callers: those seeking help with a specific exposure (exposure calls) and those seeking general information about a potential exposure (information calls). The records in the DPIC database are somewhat different, depending on the type of call. The following information is generally available for calls about specific exposures.

Medical record keeping 
Type of Data (select all that apply):
Health Care and Health Services 
Data Collection Method (select all that apply):
Individual Level Data 
Identifiers used for linkage:
First Name, Last Name 
Access requiredments and conditions for Researchers and Projects:

Access Requirements and Conditions for the Researcher Project:

  • Researchers requesting data must abide by the terms and conditions for data access (link:
  • All researchers must complete a data access request form and required supporting documentation
    • Study design details/protocol
    • Research Ethics Board Submission
    • Research Ethics Board Approval
    • Proof of approval by Information and Privacy Commissioner (required if requested data is for research purposes and will be used to contact individuals)
    • Privacy Impact Assessment (if applicable)

Access Requirements and Conditions for the Researcher:

  • Researcher requires an academic affiliation

Access Process:


Topics Covered: caller identity, exposed individual, exposure data, outcomes data


Information that may identify an individual (e.g. Personal Health Number, Date of Birth, geolocation data) are available to facilitate data linkage but may not be released to researchers due to privacy requirements.

Data is available from:
Jan 1 2013 (availability may vary depending on data type) 
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