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BC Generations Project 
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BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority


The BC Generations Project (BCGP) is a BC Cancer project which has created a data and sample repository on ~30,000 British Columbia residents (aged 35-69 at enrolment) who have consented to participate in BCGP for the purpose of enabling research on the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases. 

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Health Care and Health Services 
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Individual Level Data, Survey Data 
Identifiers used for linkage:
Personal Health Number, First Name, GivenName, Date of birth 
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Access Requirements and Conditions for the Researcher:

  • Details on the requirements for data access via PopData BC are available here:

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Access Process:

Population Data BC’s Data Access Unit: 

BC residents who consented to participate in BCGP.



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  • Self-reported questionnaire data was collected on participants including demographics, medical history, family history of chronic disease, and lifestyle exposures.
  • Self-reported physical measurement data was collected including height, weight; and waist and hip circumference.
  • Physical measurements collected at assessment centres for a subset of participants including height, weight, sitting height, waist and hip circumference, bone density, blood pressure, body fat, grip strength and from some assessment centres lung function.
  • Biosamples (blood and urine) have also been provided by most of the cohort. The blood has been separated into buffy coat, plasma, serum and red blood cells. In approximately half of the participants whole blood preserved in 10% DMSO is also available. The biosamples are anticipated to be made available to researchers by April 2016. Prior to that time, biosample pre-analytical data will be made available. Note: Access Requests for Biosamples must be made directly through BCGP at time of PopData BC Data request.  BCGP must be informed of concurrent PopData BC DAR. Further details available on the requirements for biosample access via BCGP are available here:
  • In the future, we plan to make available data derived from the biosamples (e.g., genotypes).
  • Data from future questionnaires (new and follow-up) will also be made available.
  • The BC Generations Project is collaborating with other provinces in what is called the “Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow” project. The data collected as part of the BC Generations Project has been harmonized with similar data sets in other regions to create a larger cross-Canada data set that can be used for research purposes. This pan-Canadian data set of approximately 300,000 participants is not held at PopData.
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