Dataset Cerner

Data Provider (source):

Performance Measurement & Reporting (PMR), Provincial Health Services Authority


Cerner is a core integrated patient management system at BC Children’s and BC Women’s that collects data to describe the entire patient care journey from arrival to discharge.

Cerner consists of several separate modules:


This module provides detailed patient flow information including location and time stamps. Data collected includes basic registration, admission, transfer, location, discharge and patient demographics. Information such as "no show" and cancellations is also collected.

Wait List

Data collected includes referral date, time, source, reason and additional information. It is the recommended method for tracking wait times for outpatient services.


FirstNet collects emergency department information, such as admission, provider, diagnosis and discharge.


Ambulatory Scheduling

Data collected through the Ambulatory Scheduling module include resources associated with the clinical service (treatment or exam room, specific providers, or provider types) and appointment type. The appointment length of stay is not available for outpatient encounters beyond the initial “scheduled duration” of the appointment.

Data are available for BC Children's and BC Women's from July 2008. Selected data elements from 2001 to 2008 are available from a non-Cerner data source. 

For registration and scheduling, wait list, general record keeping/resource allocation/patient files 
Type of Data (select all that apply):
Health Care and Health Services 
Data Collection Method (select all that apply):
BC Children's Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre.. 
Identifiers used for linkage:
Personal Health Number, First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, Postal Code 
Access requiredments and conditions for Researchers and Projects:

PMR consider requests from researchers who are internal or external to PHSA as well as research trainees and students.

PMR uses a risk-based approach known as proportionate governance when reviewing all data access requests. A standardized Data Access Risk Assessment Framework supports PMR to uphold its responsibilities regarding data in its custody. The access process to request PMR data can be found online at


Events scheduled, cancelled or occurring within BC Children's Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children & BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre



Data is available from:
July 2008 
More Information (including references):

This dataset is updated daily.

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