Dataset Permanent Residents Data

Permanent Residents Data 
Data Provider (source):

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)


Permanent Residents data has been provided by IRCC Research and Evaluation Branch for the purpose of facilitating immigrant health research projects. Data pertaining to citizenship and immigration, such as immigration class, year of arrival, and country of origin are available for request. 

For research 
Type of Data (select all that apply):
Demnographics and Life Course 
Data Collection Method (select all that apply):
Individual Level Data, Administrative Data 
Identifiers used for linkage:
First Name, GivenName, Date of birth, Gender 
Access requiredments and conditions for Researchers and Projects:

Access Requirements and Conditions for the Researcher:

  • Details on the requirements for data access via PopData BC are available here:

Access Requirements and Conditions for the Research Project:

Access Process:

Population Data BC’s Data Access Unit: 

Individuals who have been granted permanent residence in Canada from 1985 onward.


Note that those individuals who do not link to Population Data BC holdings will be excluded.

Data is available from:
January 1, 1985 
More Information (including references):

Additional information is available on PopData’s website:

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