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We also offer workshops, webinars, special events and fully-online certificate courses. For more information on these, and descriptions of our free courses and resources visit: www.popdata.bc.ca/etu

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Metadata Central

Approved users (listed below) may access file and field level summaries for BC Cancer Agency, Human Early Learning Partnership EDI, BC Ministry of Health and BC Vital Statistics Agency via Metadata Central.

  • Researchers or project team members at any stage of the data application (DAR) process (feasibility, initial, proposed, applied or approved)
  • Anyone affiliated with a research or public institution, including health authorities, (e.g BC Centre for Disease Control) and Public Service Agencies (e.g. BC Coroners Service)
  • Data Stewards and/or designated affiliates
  • Students enrolled in one of our Education and Training Unit courses

PLEASE NOTE: Access to Metadata Central is NOT AVAILABLE to users outside of Canada.

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BC Data ScoutTM

BC Data ScoutTM is a data query service intended to provide cohort information in the form of highly aggregated, approximate results to researchers who are planning a study using Ministry of Health Data.

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